I’ve found that traditional venues come with a lot of barriers between the musician and the audience. What if, instead, you and I created an intimate environment for your friends to enjoy some great music together. It would bring you and my trio closer together. It would bring you and your friends closer together. It would bring you closer to your home as well. We’d create community! 

Just picture your close family and friends enjoying an immersive musical experience in your home. The smiles, the joy, the laughter, the emotions, the closeness, the fun!

So how’s this work?

I’ll bring my trio to your home and play a concert for you and your best friends at no cost to you! That’s right, if you’ll host the show, open your space to us, and invite your friends it doesn’t need to cost you any money. All you need is a place for us to get together, and a minimum of 20 friends who will join us in our special event.

In my house?

That’s right, in your house. Or just about anywhere, really. We just need enough room to fit my trio and your friends (seated) to enjoy the experience. Your living room or backyard will be perfect. Or maybe the community space in your apartment complex.

Don’t worry – we’ll figure it out!

Also, we’re not loud, so your neighbors won’t mind!

No Cost?

You got it, no cost to you. This would be a donation based concert, so your friends would come to your place, hang out, hear some awesome music, and donate whatever they felt the experience was worth and I’d have merchandise for them to buy as well. As long as we reach a minimum of 20 people it’ll be a viable event for us all.

The only cost to you will be some effort. We’re going to be working together to create an amazing event for you and your friends. So once we confirm a date we’ll be in regular contact going over details in preparation for the event. The result will be so great for you and your community!

Does that sound awesome to you?

Gosh, could you imagine what a great time and the amount of community and connection we’d create? If this sounds awesome to you, let’s make it happen! Hit me with your name and email and I’ll get back to you quickly.

YES! Let’s make this happen!